Validate that your integration is successful


  • You will need login credentials for the Colocator Web Console. Please request this from your Crowd Connected contact.

Note! If you need CrowdConnected to check your mobile app integration before publishing, use test@crowdconnected.co.uk for sending TestFlight invitations or Android APKs.


After doing all the required steps to integrate Colocator into your mobile app, check the main aspects and the status of the library


let integrationStatus = CCLocation.sharedInstance.testLibraryIntegration()


ColocatorWrapper.testLibraryIntegration(YOUR_CALLBACK_FUNCTION, YOUR_ERROR_FUNCTION)


Recent locations are displayed on the map in the Colocator console, if you see a red dot at your location, the integration has been successful.

If not:

  1. Check the device has location permission.
  2. Go for a walk with the device. Devices don't send location data when they are still and GPS can be weak when indoors so go outside for a short walk.
  3. Contact Crowd Connected.


Once you have a location you can test sending a Push Notification to your device.

  1. Go to the “Engage” module
  2. Create a region around your location
  3. Navigate to “Messages”
  4. Create a new message, add content, target to a new segment (Present Now in your new region), set to manual and save.
  5. Approve and send the message

N.B. Each message is sent to a device only once

If this doesn't work:

  1. Check the app has notification permission.
  2. Check you are still located in your region.
  3. Check you are sending the correct alias to identify the device.
  4. Check that the push provider is configured. If it isn't there will be an orange bar at the bottom of the screen with a warning.
  5. Contact Crowd Connected.