Posts in 2021

  • 2.7.6

    02.09.2021 in Android

    Correctly unregister the doze callback listener when the library is stopped

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  • 2.7.5

    13.08.2021 in Android

    Catch bluetooth adapter error

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  • 2.7.4

    09.06.2021 in Android

    Catch rare background error

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  • 2.7.3

    05.05.2021 in Android

    Catch rare error

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  • 2.7.2

    04.03.2021 in Android

    Updated our protobuf dependency to be compatible with the latest version of Firebase libraries

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Posts in 2020

  • 2.7.1

    06.07.2020 in Android

    Improved security (Proguard) integration

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  • 2.7.0

    25.06.2020 in Android

    Added floor level for Indoor Positioning

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  • 2.6.0

    22.06.2020 in Android

    Added Contact Tracing module Added new permissions (Background Location and Activity Recognition)

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  • 2.5.1

    13.02.2020 in Android

    Fixed bug: app crashes when calling unregisterLocationListener()

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  • 2.5.0

    10.02.2020 in Android

    Optimized the library to reduce CPU usage and energy consumption Added Beacon battery level monitoring Improved data storage and reduced data loss Known issue (solved in v2.5.1): app crashes when calling unregisterLocationListener()

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